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Active Distance Learning

A blend of home learning and class based tutoring - the ideal option for students who want to gain the MCIPS award, but cannot commit to regular classes.

Understanding the many problems of traditional distance learning, we have developed a system that ensures students are fully supported and motivated throughout their studies.

  • Students have a meeting at the beginning of the unit to introduce them to the tutor, course material and themes.
  • The student is then directed over the next few weeks to complete various tasks which are sent to the tutor who provides feedback. The tutor acts as a personal resource; answering questions, encouraging the student and providing advice and support
  • A couple of weeks before the exam the student and tutor meet for half a day to revise the subject in depth.

This not only assists with understanding of the subject, but prepares the student for the exam with discussion around exam techniques and past papers. Students using this system will receive course materials produced exclusively by our tutors (usually a minimum of 150 pages) as well as the official CIPS study guides. They have full contact by email and phone with both tutor and course principal during their studies. They can also attend any of our class based CIPS course sessions free of charge at any of our locations across the North of England.

The student is fully in control. They can plan the course work around commitments, sending work as it is completed. Both the initial meeting and the study session are arranged at a time and location that is convenient to them. Also, students can start at any time as the course is tailored around them. On enrolment, we will advise the next suitable CIPS exam dates and arrange the schedule to fit the student’s needs.

For more information, please contact :-

Eleanor Wolf - Course Principal - 01200 429048 or 07737 136056
Dr David Jones - Academic Director - 01200 424047 or 07802 794946


The cost of the course for each Level is £2835+VAT for all 5 subjects. This covers all materials and half day tuition before exams. It does not include exam fees or CIPS registration/membership costs.

e-mail info@dmjonesassociates.co.uk 01200 429048 or 07737 136056