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The courses below will be run on an “on demand” basis.  Please contact us for more details of content and to arrange a suitable date.  They can also be run in house for a minimum of 3 students.

Course code

Course title

OMP 1 Outsourcing-Methodology and Practice
VCM 1 Value Chain Management
AN 1 Advanced Negotiation
SD 1 Supplier Development
BM 1 Benchmarking against the Best
WCC 1 World Class Concepts and Purchasing
MPP 1 Measuring Purchasing Performance
SIP 1 Strategic Issues and Purchasing
MPA 1 Managing a Purchasing Activity
MB 1 Marketing and the Buyer
LVO 1 Dealing with Low Value Orders
DPA 1 Developing the Purchasing Activity
SP 1 Systems and the Purchasing Activity
DC 1 Delighting the Customer
MT 1 Managing Time
SCM 1 Supply Chain Management
GP 1 Global Purchasing
S 1 Stress and the Buyer
PC 1 Purchasing Cards
EC 1 E Commerce - Purchasing Implications
CB 1 Capital Buying
ACM Advanced Contract Management - 2 days
LD Legal Developments

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